Lance and Sarah are a dynamic duo barreling through life. They do life together. They are both originally from, and currently reside in Central Illinois. Champaign is where they call home.

Sarah and Lance met Contra dancing April 3rd, 2015. Lance picked Sarah out. Of course Sarah didn’t notice the punk kid with a huge mop on his head until he cornered her alone after a dance, cooling off outside. He proceeded to ask if she was interested in visiting a marsh the following evening to enjoy a chorus of a million frogs singing love music. Somehow, she was totally down for a frog orgy, off the bat, sight unseen. That is when he knew she was the one. They met the next day where she hopped in his junk truck and never looked back on what started and ended up being a super cute dating adventure.

Their dating adventure led to a proposal a year later at the aforementioned marsh, complete with Marsh Marigolds and nests of Four-toed Salamanders.

The rest can be seen in this blog.



Lance is a s a commercial truck driver by night, and natural history geek by day. He digs ecology of native fish, orchids, salamanders, and anything to do with his beautiful fiancé. He is the photographer for the upcoming Fishes of Missouri, 3rd edition and created the booklet, Orchids of Macon County, Illinois. His work has been featured in numerous publications throughout the country as well as being illegally poached all over the web. Lance’s dream of viable conservation employment with his bachelors in biology has harbored a career in making new careers; yard maintenance, lab technician, photographer, fermentation technician, retail vendor, truck driver…capable of anything, qualified for nothing.

Sarah is just trying to figure out who Sarah is and figure out her place in life one moment at a time. She decided to try contra dancing because she liked the idea of dancing and was curious if she could let her guard down enough to enjoy it. She knew she needed to challenge her thought process toward learning new things. And, yes, even though she didn’t notice Lance on the dance floor, she is so thankful the word yes flew out of her mouth agreeing to a frog orchestra before really realizing what she said. It set a trajectory for her she had no idea was coming but is exactly what she needed.

Lance likes to write and share his journeys via email. He writes “nerd mail” to his friends and family bi-monthly to stay connected. The more Sarah and Lance did things together, his nerd mails were taking a bit of a different turn. Still very natural history driven, but were seeing more and more of them. Wanting to write about more than just natural history, they decided to create something together on a different platform that would be a fun project and celebrate their relationship at home, their life together, and the adventures they embark on. Thus, was born.