My time in the great state if Missouri has just about come to a close. Bob Hrabik and I made one last journey across the state to take care of loose ends from the previous year’s adventure. Ozark Cavefish (Cottus specus), Neosho Madtoms (Noturus placidus), Niangua Darter (Etheostoma nianguae), Stippled Darter (Etheostoma punctulatum), Autumn Darter, Duskystripe Shiner (Luxilus pilsbryi), and Cardinal Shiner (Luxilus cardinalis). The last several species photographed blew me away in color. Some of these do not look real.

Cardinal Shiner
Niangua Darter
Niangua Darter

I tagged teamed this final trip with an attempt to photograph Large Whorled Pogonia. I found these just out of flower last year in my off time while living in Southeast Missouri. I somehow timed it just right this year and was able to see these at the height of flower amongst the jungle of Holly Ridge. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize it was turkey season in Missouri and two armed fellas were perched several yards from these flowers, of all places. I returned several hours later to find the site abandoned. A camera toting Yankee inadvertently ruined their weekend…



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