The winter blues are finally showing signs of retreat. Hope all have found ways to combat the inevitable. It’s been a dynamic winter in my part of the world signaled by ample excitements, new friends, and emotional disappointments. House repairs and weekend adventures have been a plenty, with the past 4 weeks being insanely exciting and inspiring – the Chicago Botanical Gardens’ orchid show, SNOW, glass crafting, tons of contra dancing, art shows, a junkyard, fly-tying, and killer sunsets…

Several friends and I hiked the entire 11 mile loop at Forest Glen. I’m looking forward to doing this hike again once spring ephemerals are up. What a cool chunk of forest! Sandhill Cranes were making a ruckus most of the afternoon; such an awkward sounding creature. Several structural aids to navigate wet areas along the way seemed more like risky obstacles. The bouncy bridge was our favorite 😉
This was a perfect way to spend a gorgeous afternoon – great company and awesome scenery.

A deer ran into my car while traveling at 75mph. The deer’s head tore apart the car’s front quarter and the deer’s body rendered the driver’s door inoperable. The thing crapped on my door handle and played Ping-Pong down the remaining length of the driver’s side. The impact was impressive – hard enough to deploy the driver’s side air bags, front and rear. I had no idea air bags came out of EVERYTHING. A spit second later and it would have been drastically worse. I’m thankful for how this went down.


I’m off ice fishing on Lake Superior this weekend. Yay adventure!

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